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Everyone, everyday, celebrates a birth day.  Not just the day they were birthed, but those days they are born and reborn.  Whether this birth is a physical one or a spiritual one, it deserves recognition and celebration.  

This series is a collection of all the Biblical verses represented by my physical birth date, that I have birthed into a new message for all of you.  There are 29 in all.  I will try and write a message each week for each one, in no particular order.

I hope you will enjoy.  Also, check out my other works at:

          Minister Cheryl Moore    

Saturday, March 28 2020

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. The courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting...and yet, rewarding experiences in life. It will set you free. You can’t experience life, without feeling life. Everything you want, is on the other side of fear.

In every vulnerability there is power, there is energy and there is stability.  Open yourself to your weakness and frailty.  Uncover what you keep veiled and secret.   Lay it out, unmask it, bring it to light and allow it to become your resilience.  Show your versatility annd adaptive traits.  Turn 'em loose!  

Expose yourself. Bask in you nakedness, for it is also your armor.

Minister Cheryl Moore

Posted by Brenda Womack on 04/02/2020 - 04:52 PM
A wonderful thought that can be our prayer, that God one day expose all of our thoughts and intentions of our heart.
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