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Zion Baptist Church
Enough is Enough! 10 years of unarmed deaths by Police Officers!

     George Floyd

     Eric Garner

       John Crawford III

  Michael Brown

                 Ezell Ford

               Dante Parker 
              Michelle Cusseaux
              Laquan McDonald
                George Mann
             Eurie Stamps Sr.
            Tanisha Anderson
               Akai Gurley
                  Tamir Rice
               Rumain Brisbon
                  Jerame Reid
                Matthew Ajibade
                 Frank Smart
                 Natasha McKenna
                   Tony Robinson
                    Anthony Hill
                       Mya Hall
                   Phillip White
                    Eric Harris
                   Walter Scott
                 Alexia Christian
                  Brendon Glenn
               Johnathan Sanders
                    Freddie Blue
            Victor Manuel LaRosa
              William Chapman II
                    Joseph Mann
                Salvado Ellswood
                    Sandra Bland
             Albert Joseph Davis
                 Darrius Stewart
                 Billy Ray Davis
                 Samuel DuBose
                 Michael Sabbie
                Brian Keith Day
                Christian Taylor
                 Keith McLeod
                Troy Robinson
        Asshams Pharoah Manley
                 Felix Kumi
       Keith Harrison McLeod
              Junior Prosper
             Lamontez Jones
             Patterson Brown
          Dominic Hutchinson
            Anthony Ashford
             Alonzo Smith
            Tyree Crawford
              India Kager
             La’Vante Biggs
         Michael Lee Marshall
              Jamar Clark
            Richard Perkins
       Nathaniel Harris Pickett
             Benni Lee Tignor
              Miguel Espinal
               Michael Noel
             Kevin Matthews
                 Bettie Jones
           Quintonio LeGrier
           Keith Childress Jr.
                 Janet Wilson
                Randy Nelson
                Antronie Scott
             Wendell Celestine
                David Joseph
              Calin Roquemore
              Dyzhawn Perkins
               Christopher Davis
                  Marco Loud
                  Peter Gaines
              Torrey Robinson
             Darius Robinson
                  Kevin Hicks
               Mary Truxillo
              Demarcus Semer
                Willie Tillman
                Rayshaun Cole
             Christopher Kimble
               Wayne Wheeler
              James Carney III
               Billy Ray Davis
              Spencer McCain
                 Kevin Bajoie
               Zamiel Crawford
             Jermaine Benjamin
                 Kris Jackson
          Kevin Higgenbotham
                Ross Anthony
           Richard Gregory Davis
               Curtis Jordan
               Markus Clark
              Lorenzo Hayes
         De'Angelo Stallworth
           Dajuan Graham
            Brandon Glenn
            Reginald Moore
           Nuwnah Laroche
            Jason Champion
            Bryan Overstreet
                David Felix
           Terry Lee Chatman
             Samuel Harrell
               Freddie Gray
             Norman Cooper
                Brian Acton
               Darrell Brown
           Frank Shephard III
           Donald Dontay Ivy
               Dominick Wise
               Jason Moland
               Bobby Gross
            Denzel Brown
            Brandon Jones
             Askari Roberts
           Terrance Moxley
             Bernard Moore
          Naescylus Vinzant
       Charly Leundeu Keunang
          Darrell Gatewood
           Deontre Dorsey
            Thomas Allen Jr.
              LaVall Hall
           Calvon Reid
           Gerdle Moise
            Terry Price
             Jeremy Lett
           Kevin Garrett
            Alvin Hayes
     Artago Damon Howard
          Tiano Meton
   Andre Larone Murphy Sr.
            Leslie Sapp
           Brian Pickett
       Oliver Jarod Gregoire
             George King
       Dominque Franklin Jr.
         Emerson Clayton Jr.
     Rondre Lamar Hornbeak
           Tommy Yancy
            Quentin Byrd
            Yvette Smith
       Ricky Deangelo Hinkle
            Wally Flex
        Corey Levert Tanner
            Zikarious Flint
   Antoine Dominique Hunter
            Charles Goodwin
             Jason Harrison
          Anesson Joseph
            Steven Isby
             Juan May
 Gregory Lewis Towns Jr.
     Christopher McCray
        Justin Sullivan
     Jacqueline Nichols
     Ronald Singleton
    Ernest Satterwhite
      Florence White
 Howard Wallace Bowe Jr.
    Vernicia Woodard
    DeAngelo Woods
      Treon Johnson
      Kaldrick Donald
     Robert Baltimore
     Cameron Tillman
       Jordan Baker
       Hallis Kinsey
Kenneth Christopher Lucas
     Eddie Ray Epperson
      Asia Roundtree
     David Andre Scott
      Eugene Williams
           Lavon King
      Craig McKinnis
         John Wilson
        Willie Sams
        Robert Storay
         Eric Ricks
       Cedric Stanley
  Emanuel Jean-Baptiste
        Tyrone Davis
       Victor White III
       Lashano Gilbert
        David Yearby
    Cortez Washington
      Jacorey Calhoun
    Latandra Ellington
      Christopher Jones
    Arvel Douglas Williams
   Mark Anthony Blocker
        Willie Harden
       Balantine Mbegbu
      Dustin Keith Glover
        Matthew Walker
       Levon Leroy Love
          Tyree Woodson
             Andre Milton
     Darrien Nathaniel Hunt
       DeAndre Lloyd Starks

  Kameron Jackson

      Jerome Dexter Christmas
             Dennis Grigsby
           Michael Ricardo Minor
               Amir Brooks
                  Iretha Lilly
            Adam Ardett Madison 
               Samuel Shields
            D'Andre Berghardt Jr.
                Briatay McDuffie

Montez Dewayne Hambric

           Anthony Bartley
              Jerry Brown
            Jeffrey Ragland
             Keara Crowder
              Donovan King

Brian Demarcus West

            Justin Griffin
           Briant Paula
          Leon Haywood
             Lavoy Steed
         Leo Blackmon Jr.
          Dontre Hamilton

            Jeremy Lake

Keith Lamont Scott

              Paul O'Neal

            Alton B. Sterling

            Ahmaud Arbery

           Trayvon Martin

"People have to know
what real revolution is. 
It's about change.
It's about sacrifice.  It's about endurance.
It's about the willingness
to see this thing through
until the end.
The bus boycott lasted 381 days.
We have to change laws and culture
of law enforcement which
makes them think
they are above the law.
Finally we need to have
leadership which ensures
that the law is equally applied
to everyone.
Power to the People!"
Darrell Murkison




8 Minutes and 46 Seconds

Although it was atrocious
We were not surprised
Yet another of us taken
By the force of those authorized
Protect and serve is what they
But fear is mostly projected
It all comes down
to “my life or yours”
And guess whose is more protected
Straddled on our backs, knees to our necks
Cheeks grounded into the concrete
Unarmed, unresisting, scared and defenseless
Prostrate on the street
Not wanting to provoke
Yet, not wanting to die
Body involuntarily reacting to restraint
No response to our cry
Since when is a bad check or lack of bus fare
A justifiable
cause to end a life
Why must our disagreements
Result in such senseless strife

Is this what it all comes down to
In order for all to realize
A public display of murder
To see why it matters
for Black lives

In case you didn’t know
This is why we kneeled
To force into the public eyes
What for centuries
has been concealed
Not all police are crooked,
Not all Blacks are thugs or vile
But how will you
ever know the difference
When your violence, is our trial
Why can’t we all just get along…

I am not resisting…
I can’t breathe…
Pleading for life
Instead of simply existing

By Min. Cheryl Moore

Minister Roxi Green-Iyawe


I can’t breathe, hand me loose

I can’t breathe, release the noose

I can’t breathe, why are you choking me

Why are you sucking the life from my very soul

My skin CANNOT hurt you, Your skin IS NOT better than mine

Just the sight of you gives me pause

I am a child of God above, He created me in His love

It’s your problem if you don’t agree, Your hate is your REAL enemy

I can’t breathe, STAND BACK and let me be

My people have been telling you this for years

Can’t you see the pain behind our tears

I can’t breathe, you’re suffocating me

I’m here to tell you, the victory you WILL NOT win

As we always have, we will stand back up

You will HAVE to stand to face what you have done

I will stand straight to you, I will look you in the face

You will take your knee, your foot off my neck

You will face the consequences of your actions

THIS IS IT! This STOPS right here

We with our beautiful brown skin will come out strong 

We WILL NOT run away from this plight

With truth and strength on our side


With this we will NO LONGER ABIDE 


I wrote this poem Wednesday June 3, 2020. Our collective hearts were broken over and over seeing George Floyd brutally murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis MN!  It  pained me immensely as a mother of three beautiful black adult children! Lord have mercy! We need the love of God in this country! Not the hatred that is so rampant!    

Where Do We Go From Here

Where do we go from here

What do we do now

Why don’t they understand


is NOT a movement

It is NOT a hashtag

This IS our lives

To be treated less than

To be assumed a problem

Being judged before being known

To be told you don’t belong

To be told to go back home

Sometimes without one word

Just with that stare

With that look of disdain

Where do we go from here

What do we do now

How do we fix a problem

That didn't start with us 

That was meant to destroy us

To keep us in our place

To look like a disgrace

To make us feel less than

To never reach the top

A system built in hate

Where do we go from here

What do we do now

Some dialog must begin

Many changes from within that 

systemic hate, an evil society

Open up hearts and minds

Close unnecessary fear

Look at us with interest

Try to learn something new

Imagine a new friend you could make

Something new you can learn

Expand upon your life

Get rid of ALL this pain and strife

Where do we go from here

What do we do now

Open up your heart and mind

It will make our lives better 

yours and hopefully mine


Written Wednesday 6/10/20202

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