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Sunday, March 01 2020

Ever feel like there is that one person you can never do enough for? You try and try, but they are never satisfied, grateful or thankful. Well, maybe the real problem is the mere fact that you are doing for them. Have you become an enabler for their bad reception of your good intentions? Sometimes you need to STOP! and allow them to miss what they’ve been getting. Allow them to realize their life without your help. I must warn you though, it is most likely they will resent you for your non-support as well. See, there is no WIN with these types of folks, because they are the ONLY thing that matters to them. Try and think of the last time they said anything or did anything nice for YOU? Ask yourself, when have they ever shown concern or consideration for YOU? Now, ask yourself....Why are YOU continuing to allow yourself to be dispirited by their lack of friendship? See where your own horizon is, and stop letting your sun fall below it.

  Minister Cheryl Moore

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John 12:13

So they took branches
palm trees and went
out to meet him, crying
out, “Hosanna! Blessed
is he who comes in the
name of the Lord,
even the King of Israel!” 

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